If you are looking for a company to help bring all you ideas and dreams to life for a wedding or an event, this is your crew... I could never have dreamed how precise they created our wedding to be, before I saw it. They listened to all our hundreds of random ideas, looked at our Pinterest pins, and heard the heart behind all the personal touches we had hoped for - and on the day of my wedding, it was all laid out BRILLIANTLY. But in addition to that, they coordinated our wedding...and though I know there were hundreds of questions and little things that did or could have gone wrong, they made it feel as if nothing was going wrong - as they just dealt with every little or large thing that came up. Enlisting their help was the single best investment we made in planning our wedding! Creative and thoughtful, that's the best way I can describe them!​

Anna Rogers

Battle Creek, Michigan

I really think I got the better end of this deal than ANYONE! At the time of my wedding, I was a special events planner + coordinator AND I had several weddings under my belt. I really thought my hubby and I nailed it with our planning. Well... I realized how much the *right coordinator could truly make or break a wedding. Thank GOD that I happened to have invited the owners of Nested & Co. as beloved guests to my out of state wedding! They ended up not just being our guests.. but really rescued us from embarrassment and stress that day. Here are just 3 for your entertainment ;) 1. We were so focused on decorating the room in which we were to be wed in and the room for the dessert reception that we forgot about the hallway in which everyone would be lounging in! (!!!) I sent Sandra a text message 2 days before and asked her if she could help me once her flight landed and she so graciously did! 2. There were many delays at our wedding. I had a coordinator for the wedding, but I don't recall seeing her at all. Who I did see was Janeve– who helped me with my dress, was on it with with the timing and instructions for me getting to the aisle, comforting me, telling me how beautiful I was, trying super hard to convince my tiny siblings to walk down the isle because they freaked out last minute. 3. Apparently, the cheesecake that was to be served for our reception was in a freezer and there was no one appointed to slice it up and serve it–not to mention– the dessert section was not set up either. Janeve discovered this and began to slice it up so beautifully! Also, there was no music in the reception room, which would've been super awkward if our guests would have walked into a room with nothing. There is SO much more she did that I did not get to share, I cringe just thinking about what could have happened. They saved us, and I hope you save yourself the stress and just book them before you need to be rescued!

Geraldine Pena

Anaheim, California

The work Janeve does speaks for itself. Her ability to listen carefully to our desired outcomes, understand our style and then take our concepts and create an excellent logo, invitation, art piece, or event look (which we have used her service for all of the above) has us coming back again and again. Her care and attention to each detail and relentless pursuit of excellence make us comfortable to express our desired results until we all LOVE each piece. She is not only a person of excellence, but she understands the pursuit of excellence. That is difficult to find, and we think she is a rare find as an artist and high level thinker.

Julia Davenport

Kalamazoo, Michigan

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